Let’s face it, that one part of our home that is least thought of but happens to be the most important. You don't even pay attention to it when its getting the job done, the second it’s not, it becomes the top priority on our mind. It also happens to be the most vulnerable part of our home. Every day it is exposed to weather and other elements that may contribute to decay and deterioration.



Victor has done several small and large projects for my various rental properties. He has saved me on many occasions from buying investment properties where my whole budget would have gone entirely to the roof. I don’t buy a home for personal or investment use without him inspecting it first.
— Miguel Alpizar
I couldn’t believe how detail oriented these guys were when they came to do a simple repair. There isn’t much life left on my roof and I know exactly who I’ll be calling to take care of getting me my new one.
— Dillion Vicars
Victor and Armando’s crews could not have done a better job. After talking with several other roofing contractors that suggested I get a new roof. I called Castle Roofing and they immediately saw signs of wind and hail damage. We got on the phone with my insurance company and set a date for the inspector to come out and check out the damage. My insurance replaced my whole roof and Castle Roofing did an amazing job at installing it.
These guys really know their stuff
— Sean Gary Christensen
My Neighbor was getting a new roof when I got a knock on my door. They could see the blown off shingles my roof had suffered all the way from my neighbors roof!. They were able to take care of my roof before the leaking made an appearance in my home.
— Preston Freeland


You can finally buy peace of mind!

In the world we live in, it is nearly impossible to find someone that cares about your project as much as you do. Our greatest strength, is our umcompromising quality and our unwavering commitment to our client’s projects. This is the biggest reason of why Castle Roofing was started. We don’t believe in taking shortcuts and use only quality materials. When you choose Castle Roofing, you can rest assure your home is in the best of hands.  


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About Us

Castle Roofing was founded by two Partners

Victor Bailon manages the day to day operations on our clients homes. He comes with 15 years of experience in this industry and has seen everything a roof could throw at him. Armando Castillo manages the day to day office work and comes from a Business, Finance and Roofing background. Together they work relentlessly to provide you with true craftsman focus with every project.